BMCR Books Received (February).

BMCR 2007.03.01 Books Received (February).

(I have exerpted those titles that may be of particular interest to epigraphers and those in related fields. Sometimes I have had to guess from a somewhat ambiguous title.)

*Breeze, David J., J. Collingwood Bruce’s Handbook to the Roman Wall.
Fourteenth edition. Newcastle upon Tyne: Society of Antiquaries, 2006.
Pp. 512. L18.00. ISBN 0-901082-65-1.

*Gustin, Mitja (ed.), Piceni ed Europa. Catalogo della Mostra. Zalozba
Annales/ Annales Mediterranea. Koper: Univerza ma Primorskem, 2006. Pp.
72; pls. (pb). ISBN 963-6328-46-8.

Johnston, Alan W., Trademarks on Greek Vases: Addenda. Oxford: Oxbow
Books, 2006. Pp. 214; figs. 5, pls. 20. $120.00. ISBN

*Nigdelis, P.M., Epigrafika Thessalonikeia. Sumbolh sthn Politikh kai
Koinwnikh Istoria ths Archaias Thessalonikhs. Thessalonike: University
Studio Press, 2006. Pp. 646. EUR 40.00 (pb). ISBN 960-12-1550-6.

*Nigdelis, P.M., and G. A. Souris, Anthupatos Legei. Ena Diatagma twn
Autokratorikwn Xronwn gia to Gumnasio ths Beroias. [The Proconsul
speaks: An Edict of Imperial Times on the Gymnasium of Berroia.]
Tekmeria. Contributions to the History of the Greek and Roman World,
Supplement No. 1. 2005. Thessalonike, 2005. Pp. 159; pls. 7. ISSN

*Buora, Maurizio (ed.), Le gemme incise nel settecento et ottocento.
Continuita\ della tradizione classica. Cataloghi e Monografie
Archeologiche dei Civici Musei di Udine, 7. Roma: Giorgio
Bretschneider, 2006. Pp. 155 (pb). ISBN 88-8265-410-9.

*Flu+gel, Christian, Spa+tantike Arztinschriften als Spiegel des
Einflusses des Christentums auf die Medizin. Beihefte zum Go+ttinger
forum fu+r Altertumswissenschaft Band 20. Go+ttingen: Vandenhoeck &
Ruprecht, 2006. Pp. 410. EUR 99.00. ISBN 978-3-89744-258-0.

*Hispania Epigraphica 1989-2000. 2006. CD-ROM issues 1-10. ISBN

Brody, Lisa R., The Aphrodite of Aphrodisias. Aphrodisias Band III.
Mainz: van Zabern, 2007. Pp. xii, 114; pls. 19. EUR 65.50. ISBN

Herda, Alexander, Der Apollon-Delphinios-Kult in Milet und die
Neujahrsprozession nach Didyma. Mainz: van Zabern, 2007. Pp. xiv, 543;
pls. 22. EUR 65.00. ISBN 978-3-8053-3560-7.

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