New release of the WoPoss corpus containing now Latin inscriptions of the Republican age

Diachronic linguistics and corpus linguistics strongly rely on the availability of texts and their variety in terms of time periods, genres, geographical provenance and communicative situations.  The WoPoss corpus is a new tool in the field of Latin linguistics, enabling the study of modal notions (i.e., necessity, possibility and volition) in the ancient Latin texts. In order to enlarge the variety of annotated texts available in the corpus, the WoPoss team has recently added a sub-corpus of 74 inscriptions of the Republican age. They are accessible here along with other annotated texts: WoPoss Search Interface Other annotated texts will be added soon.

For more information about the WoPoss project and the annotation layers, cf. WoPoss guidelines for the annotation of modality. Revised version and Implemented to Be Shared: the WoPoss Annotation of Semantic Modality in a Latin Diachronic Corpus


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