GEPHYRA 20, 2020 Published

GEPHYRA 20, 2020 – Table of Contents

  1. Gertrude Bell’s Resolution of a Disputed Inscription – Alan CADWALLADER
  2. Das Brechen mit der Tradition. Die außergewöhnlichen Münzprägungen im Namen von Claudius Hestiaios und ihr Verhältnis zum ersten Neokorietitel von Kyzikos – David HACK
  3. The Origins of the Ariobarzanid Dynasty – Luis BALLESTEROS PASTOR
  4. Roads and Routes in Northwestern and Adjoining Parts of Central Asia Minor: From the Romans to Byzantium, with Some Remarks on their Fate during the Ottoman Period up to the 17th Century – Klaus BELKE
  5. The Examination of a Milestone Recently Found in the Territory of Iuliopolis – Fatih ONUR
  6. The Lycian Name of Iranian Origin Miθrapata and Its variants – Ignasi Xavier ADIEGO LAJARA
  7. Two Unpublished Magical Amulets in Ankara – Melih ARSLAN, Yavuz YEĞİN, Richard GORDON
  8. Similar to Gods: Some Words in the Imperial Cult in the Roman Empire – Andres CID ZURITA
  9. A New Epigram in the Uşak Museum: The Relief Stele of Maximus – Şenkal KİLECİ
  10. Neue Weihungen aus dem Museum von Bursa – Nalan Eda AKYÜREK ŞAHİN, Mehmet Ertan YILDIZ
  11. New Inscriptions from Nikaia XII. Sanctuary of Zeus Bronton in Ahmetler Village, Pazaryeri District – Hüseyin Sami ÖZTÜRK, Abdurrahman AKTAŞ, Ezgi DEMİRHAN-ÖZTÜRK
  12. Two Reused “Blattkelch” Capitals from Patara. An Example of Reuse in the 2nd Century AD in the Context of the Building Activities in and around the Nero Bath – Mustafa KOÇAK, Feyzullah ŞAHİN
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