Fleshing Out Words: Poetry on Objects, Warwick, March 9, 2019

Forwarded for the organizers:

Fleshing Out Words: Poetry on Objects, from Classical Epigrams to Modern ‘Light Poems’.

University of Warwick, UK
9th March 2019

Confirmed Keynote Speakers:
Prof. Richard Hunter, University of Cambridge
Robert Montgomery, London

The conference aims to create cross-disciplinary discussion amongst scholars in Classics, Arts, Comparative Literature, Renaissance.

We therefore welcome proposals engaging with – but not limited to – the following topics:

  • Theoretical/ philosophical perspectives on poetry and materiality;
    The epigram book/ epigram as inscription;
  • Continuities and differences between the conception of object and text in ancient/Renaissance epigrams and the new material expressions of modern poetry
  • (Responses to) the visual context/visuality of epigrams;
  • The extent to which readings of ancient and/or Renaissance epigram might spur new perspectives on the contemporary production and consumption of poetry;
  • The extent to which ‘epigram’ is a useful category/ recognizable poetic form in the modern world;
  • The emergence of the Neo-Latin epigram.

Abstracts for 20-minute papers of no more than 300 words should be sent to fleshingoutwords.warwick@gmail.com by Monday 24th September 2018 (end of the day).

See conference website and full call for papers.

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