A post-doctoral fellowship in Bologna

This is a call for applications to a post-doctoral one year  fellowship in Greek Epigraphy, starting from March 1, 2012. Applications must be submitted by Jan. 31, 2012, according to the “Bando” on University of Bologna website (Dipartimento di Storia Antica/Società e potere nelle iscrizioni della Cirenaica), https://www.aric.unibo.it/AssegniRicerca/BandiPubblicati/zz_Bandi_din.aspx#scadenza

The research fellow will allowed and welcome to work in English as well in French, and foreign applications are very much welcome. To get help in order to write down the application (in Italian), applicant can write directly to Lucia Criscuolo (lucia.criscuolo@unibo.it) or to Alice Bencivenni (alice.bencivenni2@unibo.it). The interview, which will take place on Feb. 22,  can take place via Skype.

The applicant will be involved in the international project on Lybian inscriptions, which has to develop a publication portal for several digital corpora of inscriptions from Libya. The Inscriptions of Roman Tripolitania (IRT) were republished in 2009 (irt.kcl.ac.uk/irt2009); the first volume of Inscriptions of Roman Cyrenaica (IRCyr) is scheduled for publication in 2011; the Greek Inscriptions of Cyrenaica are under preparation (IGCyr). All these corpora are prepared in EpiDoc. The portal will offer access to all these publications; it will provide a common bibliography, a shared search facility, shared indices, and draw on a shared geographic database. The bursar shall prepare and update the already existing Bibliography, according to the standard of the Bibliographie Papyrologique, and the Prosopography accomplished by A. Laronde, and collaborate in the mark-up and the preparation of the metadata, checking different sources and enlarging, if necessary, the information already provided by the other members of the team. Through this work the bursar will get an experience in the evaluation and interpretation of the epigraphical evidence of the ancient Cyrene, from VII to I century BC.

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