British School at Rome Postgraduate course in Epigraphy July 16-24 2012

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British School at Rome Postgraduate course in Epigraphy July 16th-24th 2012

As you may know, the great success and popularity of the Epigraphy training course at the British School at Athens has prompted efforts to establish a similar course in Roman Epigraphy at the British School in Rome (which will run in alternate years to its sister course at the BSA). I am pleased to announce that the first Roman Epigraphy summer programme will run this July 16th-24th at the British School in Rome.

The 9 day intensive course, intended for postgraduate scholars of ancient history, archaeology, and the classics, is designed to provide training and practical experience in the use of epigraphy as a source. The course will examine the numerous contexts in which epigraphy is presented (in situ, museums, archives and published formats (including online catalogues) exploring the process of editing and publishing epigraphic materials. The course, divided into themes of a technical and cultural nature, will consist of daily epigraphic ambulatio throughout the city of Rome, museums visits, a trip to Ostia, as well as research sessions at the British School’s library and Guest lectures on various topics from scholars regarding ongoing research projects.

We are now inviting applications for the course (the deadline is January 30th 2012). Further particulars about the course can be found on our website

Queries and Applications may be addressed to

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