New publications on Spanish Epigraphy

Among the news circulated this summer by Prof. Donati on behalf of the AIEGL, there are three related to the Iberian Peninsula, which I summarize in this post:

  • The long awaited new CIL II fascicle on the inscriptions from Tarraco, the capital city of the Hispania Citerior. With prof. Alföldy as the main editor, the new publication recalls his earlier Die römische Inschriften von Tarraco (1975), but in a very much updated and amended partial version, since tombstones, instrumenta and the commonest inscriptions are forthcoming in other fascicle.
  • A new volume of the series Epigrafia e Antichità containing the papers delivered in a Italian-Spanish meeting held at Gargnano di Garda last year. The book was edited by Antonio Sartori and Alfredo Valvo and although it goes under the title Identità e autonomia nel Mondo romano occidentale, its content deals mostly with  Epigraphy and Ancient History topics from both the Italian and Iberian peninsulas. [Full disclosure:  I wrote a chapter for the book]
  • And last, the announcement of a new conference on Instrumenta domestica, this time in Barcelona and on the topic Nulla dies sine littera. La escritura cotidiana en la casa romana; the meeting will take place in  September  7-9  at the Universidad de Barcelona,  and the  colloquium schedule is attached here.
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