CIEGL 2012 Berlin, Newsletter & CFP

The first newsletter for the 2012 Congressus Internationionalis Epigraphiae Graecae et Latinae to be held in Berlin (27-31 August, 2012) is being circulated, and includes the call for papers and posters, and a list of suggested panel topics, including:

  • Harbours: infrastructure and society
  • The world of the Military
  • Inscriptions in private space
  • Inscriptions and the digital world
  • History of epigraphic scholarship
  • The measurement of space
  • Sanctuaries and cults
  • Inscriptions and Christian cult places
  • The dialogue of the living and the dead: tombs and their inscriptions
  • Space, image and inscription

The deadline for submission of short papers under these topics is March 31, 2011. Full details in the newsletter (below).


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2 Responses to CIEGL 2012 Berlin, Newsletter & CFP

  1. Filippo Canali De Rossi says:

    I am disappointed. On such Congresses there used to be five full days of Congress (arrival on Sunday and departure on Saturday), and now there are only three (arrive on Monday and departure on Friday). There seem to be no expectation or request that the average researcher will produce a scholarly output especially for this Congress, as there will be no space for him to present it, let alone to publish it. I would like to know who and why selected these ten topics for panels. Is there a special epigraphic interest in harbours? Doesn’t Christian epigraphy have her own Congresses?

  2. Filippo Canali De Rossi says:

    I add that in the final program (sent on 27.8.2012) a panel on ‘Public Entertainment’ has been added that had not been previously advertised. I find it uncorrect as otherwise I would also have submitted a contibution.

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