CIIP I 1 released

Corpus Inscriptionum Iudaeae/Palestinae

A multi-lingual corpus of the inscriptions from Alexander to Muhammad

Volume 1

Jerusalem, Part 1: 1-704

Ed. by Cotton, Hannah M. / Di Segni, Leah / Eck, Werner / Isaac, Benjamin / Kushnir-Stein, Alla / Misgav, Haggai / Price, Jonathan / Roll, Israel / Yardeni, Ada

In collab. with Heimbach, Marfa / Schneider, Naomi
With contrib. by Lupu, Eran

Hardcover | RRP Euro [D] €129.95 / for USA, Canada, Mexico US$ 182.00.
ISBN 978-3-11-022219-7

erscheint Dezember 2010
Auch erhältlich als eBook

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