Late Antique Inscriptions in the West

posted for Mark Handley:

Today I am launching a new website.

It is devoted to Late Antique and Early Medieval inscriptions in the West (roughly A.D. 300-900) – ranging from Ireland, to North Africa, to the Balkans, and all regions in between.

The website has two main functions:

1) Regionally-specific pages of links to articles, books, PhDs, websites, and databases on late antique and early medieval inscriptions covering:

  • Britain / Anglo-Saxon England / Ireland;
  • Gaul and the Rhineland;
  • Iberia;
  • Italy;
  • North Africa; and
  • the Latin-speaking Balkans.

This is limited to what is freely available on-line, but currently there are over 470 live links to scholarly and reference material; and

2) A New Publications page, devoted to trying to list all new publications in the area. So far this covers the years 2008-2010, and has about 100 publications.

Feedback is very welcome.

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One Response to Late Antique Inscriptions in the West

  1. regisrob says:

    Congratulations ! This website is a gold mine for epigraphy on the Web ! I hasten to add this needle in my own haystack : (it’s in French but it could be a useful tool for anyone who is interested in Classics : near to 700 websites are indexed).

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