Bulletin amphorologique database online

News from Nathan Badoud:

The site www.amphoreus.org represents the on-line database of the « Bulletin amphorologique » edited by the Revue des études grecques. Not only does it allow readers to look up all the reviews appearing in the Bulletin, it also annouces the publication of studies dealing with amphoras and their stamps, automatically including them in the list of new publications ; where necessary these studies will also be reviewed in the Bulletin. Moreover, a text bank and a picture bank allow one to publish documents online, while the agenda and the forum help to keep up to date with the latest developments in amphora research. The norms for the publication of amphora stamps and a list of bibliographical abbreviations are also available.

Browsing texts and images appears to require registration (which means that they can not be indexed by search engines, preserved by web archives, or processed dynamically, which is a shame). But nice to see this resource online and free, in any case.

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