Online seminar on unpublished inscriptions from Corinth

CurEp will soon play host to a virtual seminar on some unpublished Greek and Latin inscriptions from Corinth. The seminar will be directed by Donald Laing and Paul Iversen, with collaboration from Gabriel Bodard and myself. These inscriptions were unearthed on Temple Hill during excavations conducted under Henry Robinson† in the 1970s. We are particularly grateful to Guy Sanders (Director of the ASCSA dig at Corinth) and Charles Watkinson (Chair, ASCSA Publications Committee) for their support of this project.

Starting in mid to late May, about every two weeks throughout the summer Iversen and Laing will upload a preliminary text of an unpublished Greek or Latin inscription along with a photo. They will then invite comments and suggestions for restorations, context, date, etc. The ideas that result from this virtual seminar will then be incorporated into the final print article for Hesperia, with proper attribution to those who proposed any particular idea or reading. Elliott and Bodard will also work up an EpiDoc version of the resulting texts.

The idea behind the seminar is to promote a new model of collaboration and publication of epigraphical texts with the following benefits: a preliminary text will be made available very quickly; scholars or those interested will be able to “attend” the seminar at their leisure from anywhere in the world with an internet connection; students will see how epigraphers work and it may raise more interest in the discipline; the project will introduce epigraphers to the advantages of EpiDoc; there should be more interest in the final print version, which will include comments on this experiment.

Those who monitor CurEp via a feed reader will receive automatic notification whenever a new inscription is posted. The editors of CurEp will also post a corresponding notice to the Inscriptiones-l discussion list.

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