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Last week, Intute added to the Classics and Archaeology categories a record for Études épigraphiques, a series published by the École Française d’Athènes, with four volumes online (and open access) from between 1994 and 1997 (Decourt’s Inscriptions de Thessalie I, Cabanes et al. Corpus des inscriptions grecques d’Illyrie méridionale et d’Épire I & II, and Bielman’s Retour à la liberté). The pages are low-quality JPEGs and there doesn’t seem to be a way to download the texts complete, but it’s good to have this stuff freely available if you know what page you’re looking for, say.

(Who do we have to write to to ask for PDFs and a better table of contents?)

[corrected 2008-02-11]

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  1. Paschalis Paschidis says:

    Gabby, I am afraid you were misled by Intute’s description. Études épigraphiques is not an open access journal but a printed monographic series. As most publications of the École Française d’Athènes, the four printed volumes of the Études épigraphiques have been digitised in the context of Céfael, which clearly records its terms of service.

  2. Thanks for the clarification, Paschalis. I guess I was hasty in my description: at least these four issues are open access (in as much as they’re free), although they’re fully copyrighted. You’re right that this doesn’t really constitute an “open” epigraphic publication, which would have to be web- and text-accessible, ideally include searchable Greek and Latin texts, and preferably encoded in a documented stadard such as EpiDoc.

  3. On reflection, I’ve modified the post slightly to make it less misleading. Is this better?

  4. Chuck Jones says:

    You might contact Jean-Pierre AULAS jean-pierre dot aulas at efa dot gr ask for PDFs and a better table of contents, and to get information on the future of CEFAEL

  5. K. Rigsby says:

    So far as I can see, *all of BCH and associated publications are available open-access at

  6. Paschalis Paschidis says:

    Most of the publications of the EFA are indeed available at CEFAEL, but only up to ca. 2000. Of related interest is Persée, a project of the French Ministry of Education to digitise French journals pertaining to the humanities and the social sciences. Included are, e.g., BCH (only a few volumes), DHA, etc. If I am not mistaken, digitisation of a number of other relevant journals, including CRAI, is under way.

  7. Dominique MULLIEZ says:

    Pour tout renseignement concernant le programme CEFAEL (Collections de l’Ecole française en ligne), il convient d’écrire non pas à Jean-Pierre Aulas, responsable du service informatique, mais à l’adresse cefael@efa.gr, ou de consulter le “journal” du site http://cefael.efa.gr.

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