Images of Spolia

Dan Diffendale has started a public group photo pool on flikr devoted to spolia. At present the group has 8 members and 69 images. The images are publicly available. Any flickr member may contribute.

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  1. That’s an excellent resource. I shall sign up to this group and add any photographs of this kind I come across. Funnily enough I was logged into Flickr at this very moment because I’m in the process of setting up an epigraphic photo pool of a different kind (which I shall announce presently). Quite a coincidence.

  2. Paschalis Paschidis says:

    There is another Flickr photo pool of interest to epigraphists, Visibile parlare (currently 172 photos).

  3. l.traube says:

    There are 2 different groups on flickr named VISIBLE WORDS-VISIBILE PARLARE, one is about
    ancient greek epigraphy (355 photos atm), the other is about latin epigraphy from
    antiquity to the middle ages (2164 photos atm).

    Visibile Parlare – Visible Words (Latin)

    Visibile Parlare – Visible Words (Greek)


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