Journal: Gephyra

Chuck Jones writes to alert us to a newish, epigraphy-heavy journal that may have escaped the notice of many. Chuck notes that the journal has no ISSN, and each of the three volumes so far produced has been assigned its own ISBN:

  • Gephyra. Zeitschrift für Geschichte und Kultur der Antike auf dem Gebiet der heutigen Türkei = Günümüz Türkiyesinin antik devirdeki tarihi ve kültürü için dergi, Ege Yayinlari, Istanbul (Johannes Nollé and Sencer Sahin, eds.)

Harrassowitz can supply it to libraries on subscription.

Indeed, Worldcat shows only one set in a library outside Turkey (DePauw).

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  1. Dear colleagues, this new journal “Gephyra” is available at Phoibos Verlag, Vienna/Austria. There you can find also some other publications of interest for epigraphic research. Please visit the homepage and have a look at “subjects/epigraphy”.

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