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Request for bibliography: Greek inscriptions of Aïn Labakha

Françoise Dunand asks: Quelqu’un pourrait-il me dire où et quand ont été publiées les corrections apportées à la publication par G. Wagner des inscriptions grecques d’Aïn Labakha dans ZPE 111, 1996, p. 97-114? Merci d’avance. Please direct replies to Professor … Continue reading

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Corrigenda: Greek Sacred Law (Lupu)

Recently noted: “Eran Lupu has ‘More Corrections and Some Second Thoughts’ on his book: Greek Sacred Law. A Collection of New Documents (NGSL), Leiden 2005,” ASGLE Newsletter 11.1 (15 May 2007), 6-10. The ASGLE Newsletter is not currently available online. … Continue reading

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A New Text of IG XII 2 1069

A new text is offered by Prof. Elias Kapteanopoulos (Dept. of History, Central Connecticut State University). It has appeared in the following locations: “Elias Kapteanopoulos provides a new text of IG II2 1069,” ASGLE Newsletter 11.1 (15 May 2007), 3-6 … Continue reading

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ASGLE Newsletter 11.1, 15 May 2007

The latest issue of the American Society of Greek and Latin Epigraphy Newsletter has arrived. Paul Iversen (secretary-treasurer) informs us via email that he hopes to begin posting newsletter issues, including back issues, on the ASGLE website beginning fall 2007. … Continue reading

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Babylonian month name in 6th century Greek inscription?

In a post to the ANE-2 list, Chris Bennett is trying to get more information on a cryptic assertion made by a colleague; namely, that there exists “an inscription of the 6th century BC which gives a Babylonian month name … Continue reading

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New Acquisitions: ASCSA/BSA April 2007

The Ambrosia Union Catalog of the libraries of the American School of Classical Studies at Athens and the British School at Athens facilitates searches for recently acquired works of interest. The following list (for April 2007) was assembled from the … Continue reading

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Epigraphic Books for review at BMCR

A few titles of possible interest to epigraphers have been reproduced below: see the BMCR website for the full list of titles available this month. BMCR 2007.05.44, BMCR Books Received (May). Titles marked by an asterisk are available for review. … Continue reading

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