Babylonian month name in 6th century Greek inscription?

In a post to the ANE-2 list, Chris Bennett is trying to get more information on a cryptic assertion made by a colleague; namely, that there exists “an inscription of the 6th century BC which gives a Babylonian month name in Greek.”

Can any CEp readers confirm this assertion and provide publication details?

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  1. Chuck Jones says:

    I just posted the following response on ANE:

    The text of the Persepolis Fortificaton Tablet in Greek was published by Hallock in 1969 on
    page 2 of Persepolis Fortification Tablets, which, as luck would have it was republished
    online in April, and is available via the link at:

    It is dated in the month Tebet of an unspecified year, presumably, like all the dated texts
    in the archive, between 509-494.

    Jack Balcer published Hallock’s copy of the tablet, but my files on this are elsewhere. If
    someone want’s further information, let me know.

  2. Tom Elliott says:

    Giuseppe Del Monte posted a follow-up to ANE-2 on 2 June 2007 at 04:57 UTC in which he wrote: “The tablet, Fort. 1771, is mentioned and briefly discussed by Hallock in his Persepolis Fortification Tablets (OIP 92), p. 2: “Two marri$ (of) wine. Tebet”. Direct link to message:

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