Epigraphy in Ancient Society 36 (2006)

Gregg Schwendner over at What’s New in Papyrology alerts us to the following epigraphical articles published in volume 36 of Ancient Society (ISSN: 0066-1619; / E-ISSN: 1783-1334).

  • M.J. Osborne, “The Eponymous Archons of Athens from 300/299 to 286/5,” pp. 69-80, DOI: 10.2143/AS.36.0.2017829.
  • L.A. Hughes, “The Proclamation of Non-Defective Slaves and the Curule Aediles’ Edict: Some Epigraphic and Iconographic Evidence from Capua,” pp. 239-261, DOI: 10.2143/AS.36.0.2017837.

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