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Announcement just seen on Classicists:

In case anyone would like to incorporate the course into their PG training programme undertakings to the AHRC for particular individual graduate students, here is an early warning of the Sixth Biennial British School of Athens Postgraduate Taught Course:

The History, Archaeology, and Epigraphy of the Greek Sanctuary

This eight-week residential course will take place from January to March 2008 under the direction of Professor J.K. Davies and the incoming BSA Director, Professor C.A. Morgan. The course is specifically designed for graduate students at United Kingdom universities, who are taking either a Master’s degree course or a research degree in Classics, Classical Archaeology, Ancient History and related subjects. Course demands are flexible and adapted to individual students, and it is possible for students with limited classical languages successfully to complete the course.

Formal teaching for the course will involve 48 hours of on-site teaching at archaeological sites and museums and 12 hours of seminar teaching.

Students will be expected to make occasional presentations at sites, to give a 20-minute seminar paper, and to produce (normally) one substantial piece of written work on a topic chosen by them in discussion with Course Director. A variety of ‘training needs’ can be met, including training in epigraphy and Modern Greek.

Please bring this to the notice of any would-be Master’s or Ph.D student who would benefit. Professor Davies will be happy to answer any detailed queries about the content of the course. A ‘course template’ is available (from should any department need one. The template is designed particularly for departments which have modular Masters’ schemes, to allow students to gain the appropriate credit.

Applications forms will be made available on the BSA website in June and a further circular will be made to alert you to this.

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