Practical Epigraphy Workshop: Programme

27-28th June 2007: Roman Legionary Museum, Caerleon

A Practical Epigraphy Workshop is taking place for graduate students and non-student members of the British Epigraphy Society who are interested in developing hands-on skills in working with epigraphic material. With expert tuition, participants will gain direct experience of the practical elements of how to record and study inscriptions. The programme will include the making of squeezes; photographing and measuring inscribed stones; and the production of transcriptions, translations and commentaries. Participants may choose to work on Latin or Greek texts, and both those with some epigraphic experience and those who have not studied inscriptions previously are welcome.

Practical Epigraphy Workshop

Roman Legionary Museum, Caerleon

27/8 June 2007

Provisional Programme

Wednesday 27th June

• Travel to venue. DIY tour of Caerleon, the Roman fortress, the Roman Legionary Museum and its epigraphic collections.

• Early evening talk (Richard Grasby: Making the Trajanic marble inscription from Caerleon, RIB 330). Open to the public.

• Dinner in a local pub / restaurant.

Thursday 28th June

• 09.00-09.30: Roger Tomlin (Oxford): Introduction.

• 09.30-10.30: Julie Reynolds (Roman Legionary Museum, Caerleon): Walking tour of the epigraphic collection at Caerleon.

• 10.30-11.00: tea / coffee & biscuits.

• 11.00-13.00: hands-on practical session (measuring, *digital photographing, *squeeze-making, drawing (* = directly supervised))

• 13.00-14.00: sandwich lunch

• 14.00-15.00: further supervised practical session, focussing on prepared texts.

• 15.00-15.30: tea / coffee & cake.

• 15.30-17.30: presentations by participants (10 mins each)

• 17.30-18.00: close (an opportunity to look at the material presented in the preceding two hours).

Instructors / Supervisors

Dr Charles Crowther, CSAD, Oxford.

Dr Graham Oliver, Liverpool.

Dr Charlotte Tupman, King’s College, London.

Assistant: Dr Peter Haarer.

Sponsored by

The British Epigraphy Society –

Classics in the Subject Centre (CSC) via a Themed Network Grant from The Higher Education Academy Subject Centre for History, Classics and Archaeology

For further details and an application form (there is a limited number of places for the workshop) please contact Charlotte Tupman:

by e-mail to “” or by phone on 07714 073805.

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2 Responses to Practical Epigraphy Workshop: Programme

  1. Gabriel Bodard says:

    This looks like a lot of fun. Can I come?

  2. Charlotte Tupman says:

    The workshop is intended for graduates who are looking for hands-on experience of epigraphy. There is a limited number of places so there will be an application form to fill in. I’ll post a note to this effect.

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