Libyan Epigraphy Research Network

Leptis MagnaLaunched at the start of the academic year 2022–23, the Libyan Epigraphy Research Network, chaired by Dr Caroline Barron (Durham University) and Dr Gabriel Bodard (University of London) will promote discussion and collaboration between scholars and other researchers with an interest in inscriptions from ancient regions now in the area of Libya.

The activities of the Network are overseen by a scientific committee of representatives of the major Cyrenaican and Tripolitanian epigraphic corpora, prosopographies, gazetteers, archives and archaeological missions, interested institutions and especially Libyan universities and museums. The committee is supported by an advisory board of scholars and specialists in Libyan epigraphy, and a wider community of members with an interest in the topic. In addition to scholarly dialogue with the Network’s members and other groups, LERN aims to promote collaboration and compatibility between these various projects and related resources. These discussions and other work will take place via a mailing list, and occasional academic meetings.

If you would like to keep up with the latest research in historical inscriptions from Libya, please join us as a member.

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