Job announcement: 48-month full-time positions (1 October 2023–30 September 2027)

As the ERC Stone-Masters Project will enter the phase of collecting data in the second half of this year, we invite applications for four 48-month full-time positions (1 October 2023–30 September 2027).
Research assistant (predoc) – Eastern Roman Empire
Research assistant (predoc) – Western Roman Empire
Postdoc – Eastern Roman Empire
Postdoc – Western Roman Empire
Applications from early career researchers specializing in epigraphy, history of art, and archaeology are especially welcome!
The whole team will be based at the Faculty of History of the University of Warsaw (Wydział Historii Uniwersytetu Warszawskiego), in a cosy research office, with full access to all the university facilities and benefits. A lively international community of the visiting fellows of the Warsaw Centre for Research on Ancient Civilizations (Centre for Research on Ancient Civilizations UW – CRAC UW) and our seminars, held weekly in English, will give lots of opportunities to interact with top-level researchers in history, archaeology, philology, epigraphy, and papyrology. The positions envisage travel (conferences, workshops, research) and book allowance.
Deadline for applications: 31 March 2023.
More info at the project website and Euraxess.
Please pass this along to anyone who might be interested!

Paweł Nowakowski, Ph.D.
University of Warsaw
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