Epigraphic symposium in memory of Stephanos A. Koumanoudes

On December 20-22, 2018, the Archaeological Society at Athens, the Epigraphic Museum and the Greek Epigraphic Society will co-organize a scholarly symposium in memory of Stephanos A. Koumanoudes (1818-1899).

Secretary General of the Archaeological Society and Professor of Latin at the University of Athens, S. A. Koumanoudes is widely considered one of the best 19th-century epigraphists, having published hundreds of Greek and Latin inscriptions. A prolific archaeologist,  a superb lexicographer and a talented polyglot, Koumanoudes was a major force in the intellectual life of modern Greece. The symposium will include an array of papers on Koumanoudes’ archaeological, epigraphical and other intellectual work. The Saturday session will consist of a series of papers on new or recently re-discovered inscriptions. The detailed program in PDF can be found here (program).

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