New EDH search interface online!

Scarcely recognisable but still EDH — and now much improved:

In the interests of user friendliness the internet presence ( has been substantially relaunched.

New aspects include …

Improved performance
Search for two or more contiguous words in the text of an inscription is now possible
logical combination of two search words with “AND NOT” is possible
it is possible to combine searching for words in the text as well as all metadata categories
multi select options also possible in the search interface
search results may be sorted

the content of various metadata fields has been reworked and more complex and better
query strategies are now possible (e.g. Material, Engraving technique, Historically relevant data)
cross linking of the three constituent database of EDH (Epigraphic Text Database, Bibliographic Database, Photographic Database)

attractive, modern design
extensive context based online help  with search examples and further explanatory
all search results are provided with easy and comfortable print options

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