Republished: Bulletin épigraphique 1987-2001

In a recent post to inscriptiones-l, Denis Rousset drew our attention to the republication, in four volumes, of the annual Bulletin épigraphique for the years 1987-2001. The PDF file he attached to his note was stripped by the Yahoo Groups filters on the list, but Gregg Schwenderer has posted what I take to be the content at What’s New in Papyrology. Details are available on the website of Les Belles Lettres, under the rubric epigraphica.

I offer here the volume details (with COiNS metadata for Zotero users):

  • Bulletin épigraphique 1987-1989, Epigraphica 3 (Paris: Les Belles Lettres, 2007), ISBN-13: 978-2-251-44333-1.
  • Bulletin épigraphique 1990-1993, Epigraphica 4 (Paris: Les Belles Lettres, 2007), ISBN-13: 978-2-251-44334-8.
  • Bulletin épigraphique 1994-1997 , Epigraphica 5 (Paris: Les Belles Lettres, 2007), ISBN-13: 978-2-251-44335-5.
  • Bulletin épigraphique 1998-2001, Epigraphica 6 (Paris: Les Belles Lettres, 2007), ISBN-13: 978-2-251-44336-2.
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