GEPHYRA 19, 2020 Published

GEPHYRA 19, 2020 – Table of Contents

  1. The Ancient Routes and New Lycian Inscriptions around Fethiye, Fatih ONUR, Ş. Recai TEKOĞLU
  2. Vier Brüder, ein Grab: Rekonstruktion und Interpretation von I.Milet VI 2, 783, Karin WIEDERGUT
  3. An Idol-shaped Stele with an Old Phrygian Inscription in the Territory of Nakoleia, Rahşan TAMSÜ POLAT, Yusuf POLAT, Alexander LUBOTSKY
  4. Vom Symbol zum Ebenbild: Die Entstehung des Münzporträts in der griechisch-persischen Tradition, Wilhelm MÜSELER
  5. Emperor Tiberius and His praecipua legionum cura in a New Bronze Tablet from AD 14, Peter ROTHENHÖFER
  6. Dionysiac Associations among the Dedicants of Hosios kai Dikaios Revisiting Recently Published Inscriptions from the Mihalıççık District in North-West Galatia, Altay COŞKUN
  7. The Location of Mount Masa on the Northern Border of Hellenistic Lycia, Fatih ONUR
  8. Two New Milestones from the Territory of Juliopolis, Fatma AVCU
  9. New Inscriptions from the Museum of Eskişehir, Büşra KARABULUT
  10. Neue Weihungen an Hosios kai Dikaios aus dem Museum von Eskişehir, Nalan Eda AKYÜREK ŞAHİN, Hüseyin UZUNOĞLU
  11. A Mid-Byzantine Metal Stamp from Bursa Archaeological Museum, Zeynep Sencan ALTINOLUK
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