Symposium on the EPIGRAPHIES OF ANATOLIA: their histories and their future

The Symposium on the “Epigraphies of Anatolia: their histories and their future” will be held from the 24 to the 27 April, 2018 in the Koç University Suna & İnan Kıraç Research Center for Mediterranean Civilizations in Antalya, Turkey. All are welcome to attend; the event is free, but for planning purposes please register on this EventBrite link.

For more material visit the symposium page of Research Center for Mediterranean Languages and Cultures of Akdeniz University.

For several millennia most of the civilisations of Anatolia used inscription on stone to preserve important texts – whether public documents or private commemorations. While this procedure is found in many civilisations across the world, the particular wealth of Anatolia in high-quality stones and marbles has ensured an exceptionally rich harvest of texts. Over the last couple of centuries, work on these documents has helped us understand more and more of this deep and multi-layered historical heritage, which is constantly developing and enriching our understanding.

The aim of the symposium is to allow experts, who work on the inscribed texts of different cultures, to present their work and compare their experiences, building a sense of the history of the epigraphic discipline. During the symposium we intend to look at how earlier generations have interacted with such texts by tracing the steady development of methodologies. We will examine how inscribed texts have introduced us to languages which had been unread for several millennia. Finally, we will look at how we can teach the necessary skills and find ways to offer the fullest possible access, both in and beyond Turkey, to this unique storehouse of knowledge.


09:30-10:00: Opening Addresses

SESSION I (10.00-12.00): Ancient/medieval/early modern viewers: Part I

10.00-10.40: Mehmet TÜTÜNCÜ – Genesis of the first Islamic inscriptions in Anatolia from Arabic to Turkish

10.40-11.20: Georgios PALLIS – The second life of inscriptions in Byzantine Asia Minor: aspects of the reuse of inscribed material

11.20-12.00: Scott REDFORDSeljuk epigraphy in Turkey

SESSION II (14.00-16.00):  Ancient/medieval/early modern viewers: Part II
Chair: Thomas CORSTEN

14.00-14.40: Nicholas S. M. MATHEOU – ‘Let me now restore its memory’: epigraphy in the medieval Arme­nian tradition

14.40-15.20: T. Michael P. DUGGAN – Early antiquarians in Asia Minor up to the 19th century

15.20-16.00: Charlotte ROUECHÉ – Louis Robert: transforming the Greek epigraphy of Anatolia

SESSION III (16.30-18.30): The scientific approach: collections and research
Chair: Johannes NOLLÉ

16.30-17.10: Mustafa H. SAYAR – Greek and Latin inscriptions in the collections of the Archaeological Museums of Istanbul and their contribution to epigraphic research in the Eastern Mediterranean area and Asia Minor

17.10-17.50: Thomas CORSTEN – The history of Austrian epigraphical research in Asia Minor

17.50-18.30: Fatih ONUR – Discovering the landscape of antiquity: The Pataran monument and the geography of Lycia


SESSION IV (10.00-12.00): Discovering languages/writing systems
Chair: Gül IŞIN

10.00-10.40: Hasan PEKER – Anatolian hieroglyphs and their recent contributions to Near Eastern Studies

10.40-11.20: Selim F. ADALI – Cuneiform script in Anatolia: a historical perspective

11.20-12.00: Recai TEKOĞLU – Alphabetic scripts of Anatolia

SESSION V (14.00-16.00): Establishing and teaching epigraphy
Chair: Gülay YILMAZ

14.00-14.40: Johannes NOLLÉ – Passion and mission: Sencer Şahin’s academic work and his lasting achievements

14.40-15.20: Andreas RHOBY & Ida TOTH – Byzantine epigraphy: past – present – future

15.20-16.00: Hakan T. KARATEKE – What is an Ottoman inscription?

SESSION VI (16.30-18.10): 21st century readers and their expectations: accessibility and outreach
Chair: Michèle BRUNET

16.30-17.05: N. İlgi GERÇEK – Cuneiform Studies in the 21st century

17.05-17.40: Gabriel BODARD – Contributors and agendas in digital epigraphy: encoding, editing and publishing

17.40-18.10: Hatice AYNUR – Digitizing Ottoman history: the “Database for Ottoman Inscriptions” in its eighth year

18.10-18.45 Future epigraphies: an international perspective – Michèle BRUNET


Trip to Perge and to Side – led by Johannes NOLLÉ


Workshop on Digital Epigraphy – Gabriel BODARD (with Charlotte ROUECHÉ & Michèle BRUNET)

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