Engineer Position in Bordeaux (Papyrii, Inscriptions, etc.) for the project PATRIMONIVM

The European funding scheme ERC Starting Grant rewards the most innovative research projects led by young researchers in all scientific areas. Among those selected for funding in the 2016 call, the project PATRIMONIVM, hosted by the University Bordeaux Montaigne, aims at realizing the first global study of the economic, social and political role of the properties of Roman emperors using a complete documentary base of all relevant sources. The project lasts 5 years and will involve 9 historians and a web engineer responsible of the database. The documentary system of PATRIMONIVM is one of the most ambitious features of the project, not only because of the number and the variety of the data (epigraphic, papyrological and literary sources, prosopographical data, archaeological descriptions, images, georeferenced data, bibliographic references), but also because of the implementation of the latest XML standards for the digital presentation of ancient sources. These features make PATRIMONIVM one of the leading digital humanities projects at international level.

The engineer responsible for the documentary system is one of the most important members PATRIMONIVM’s research team. She/he will work in close coordination with the Principal Investigator and collaborate with the other team members. She/he will participate to the scientific programme of the project and contribute to the visibility to the project thanks to her/his participation to conferences and workshops on the digital humanities in France and abroad. She/he will be part of the project for its entire duration: full time during the first three years, part time for the remaining months.

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