2016 journals on pre-Islamic Arabian epigraphy

Arabian Epigraphic Notes 2
Sarah Rijziger: The Kāniṭ Museum Collection
Phillip W. Stokes: A New and Unique Thamudic Inscription from northeast Jordan
Ali al-Manaser & Sabri Abbadi: Remarks on the etymon trḥ in the Safaitic inscriptions
Ahmad Al-Jallad & Ali al-Manaser: New Epigraphica from Jordan II: three Safaitic-Greek partial bilingual inscriptions
Fokelien Kootstra: The Language of the Taymanitic Inscriptions & its classification
Hekmat Dirbas: Abd al-Asad and the Question of a Lion-God in the pre-Islamic Tradition: An Onomastic Study
Zeyad Al-Salameen: A New Dedicatory Nabataean Inscription Dated to AD 53
Hani Hayajneh: Dadanitic Graffiti from Taymāʾ Region Revisited

Arabian Archaeology and Epigraphy 27, 1-2: epigraphic titles
Jérémie Schiettecatte and Mounir Arbach, The political map of Arabia and the Middle East in the third century AD revealed by a Sabaean inscription (pages 176–196)
María del Carmen Hidalgo-Chacón Díez, Three Dadanitic inscriptions from al-ʿUḏayb (oasis of al-ʿUlā) and the occurrence of the word s¹ṭ (pages 72–78)
Mahdi Alzoubi and Sahar Smadi, A Nabataean funerary inscription from the Blaihed Museum (pages 79–83)
Ahmad Al-Jallad, An ancient Arabian zodiac. The constellations in the Safaitic inscriptions, Part II (pages 84–106)
Bruno Overlaet, Michael Macdonald and Peter Stein, An Aramaic−Hasaitic bilingual inscription from a monumental tomb at Mleiha, Sharjah, UAE (pages 127–142)

Bulletin of the British Foundation for the Study of Arabia 21, 2016
The bulletin provides an overview of the state of archaeological and epigraphic research in the Arabian peninsula in 2016, with useful links to editorial news, calls, events, dedicated journals and associations. Noteworthy is the focus on the “Destruction of Cultural Heritage in Yemen” (pp. 72-73) by the British Museum curator St. John Simpson (see also https://youtu.be/fQNTEMgGT6c)

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