Arabian Epigraphic Notes

Posted on behalf of Irene Rossi.

The Leiden Center for the Study of Ancient Arabia (LeiCenSAA) announces a new open access, peer-reviewed journal dedicated to the epigraphy of Arabia and its cultural and linguistic context: Arabian Epigraphic Notes (AEN, 

Arabian Epigraphic Notes is essential reading for all interested in the languages and scripts of the ancient Near East, and is of interest to students of Northwest Semitic epigraphy, Cuneiform studies, Egyptology, and classical antiquity. It is hoped that the journal’s accessibility will further help integrate the epigraphy and languages of ancient Arabia into the broader field of Semitic Philology.

Articles are published in early access format.  The first two articles of the 2015 issue of AEN are now online:

1.      M.C.A. Macdonald, On the uses of writing in ancient Arabia and the role of palaeography in studying them

2.      A. Al-Jallad & A. al-Manaser, New Epigraphica from Jordan I: a pre-Islamic Arabic inscription in Greek letters and a Greek inscription from north- eastern Jordan

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