Some new inscriptions found in Rome

Prof. Alfredo Valvo (Univ. Cattolica di Milano) reports in Il Sussidiario (17/01/2011) on new inscriptions brought out in the area between Piazza Venezia and the Fori Romani by the works for Rome’s new Underground line. Valvo mentions two pieces: in p.zza Venezia, an inscription from the praef. Urbis F. Felix Passifilus Paulinus (a.D. 473); and in front of the Pal. Madonna dei Loreto, several fragment which could pertain to Hadrian’s dedicatory parentibus suis in the temple of divus Traianus and diva Plotina (CIL VI, 31215 = ILS 306; news of this were circulated two weeks ago by a post in flickr). Valvo also writes both findings are forthocming in a special issue of Bollettino d’arte (2010).

(with thanks to Prof Encarnação (U. Coimbra) for forwarding the news).

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  1. – Update: Rome: the Metro C Archaeological Surveys: the Piazza Madonna di Loreto, (sector # S14/B1). The Discovery of New Inscriptions & Architectural Elements of the Temple of Trajan? (January 20th, 2011).

    During the course of the recent archeological surveys conducted in the area of the former Piazza Madonna di Loreto, (sector #14 / B1) Italian archaeologists working under the direction of Dr. Roberto Egidi & Dr. Mirella Serlorenzi (SSBAR) [n.1] may have discovered a new Trajanic inscription? This based upon a series of new photographs taken by Gianni De Dominicis, at the excavations site as of January 2 & 17, 2011.

  2. Silvia Orlandi says:

    It’s good to have fresh news on newly discovered inscriptions, but a little bit more discretion and patience while the official publication is still forthcoming would have been appreciated…

  3. Dear Dott.ssa Orlandri, as for your comment: “…but a little bit more discretion and patience while the official publication is still forthcoming,” yes your right, but what surprised me the most about the news of the discovery or the inscriptions and other artifacts discovered at the site, and photographed between Jan. – Feb. 2011, I was surprised to learn from the scholars at the Museum of the Imperial Fora (e-mail personal communication in Feb. 2011), that Dr. Roberto Egidi, had not informed either Dr. Lucrezia Ungaro or Dr. Roberto Meneghini ( Office / Museum of the Imperial Fora) if this important discovery? Nearly fours years into the excavations at the pal. Madonna di Loreto site (2008-11), Dr. Egidi has done little to convey these important finding to his scholarly peers in Rome. Problematically the SSBAR in Rome responsible for the excavations in the Metro C archaeological surveys of the Imperial Fora (2007-2011, and the Temple of Peace (1999-2007), has done a very poor job of reporting on the archaeological findings, period! Several scholars in Rome, I spoke with said, that the Metro C archaeological excavations in the Fora, and the publications by Dr. Egidi, as so vague in details, and that these finding may never be published!

    Thank you
    Martin G. Conde
    Washington DC, USA

    -Roma – Metro ‘C’ indagini archeologiche 2008-10: Piazza Venezia (# S8/B1-B3 & S8/B2) Palazzo di Madonna di Loreto / l ‘, Ospedale dei Fornari (Metro C # S14/B1). Egidi R. & M. Serlorenzi (12/2010).

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