2012 Epigraphic Congress in Berlin (English version)

Dear Colleagues and Friends,

The 14th International Congress of Greek and Latin Epigraphy, hosted by the Berlin-Brandenburg Academy of Sciences and the Humboldt University, Berlin, will take place in Berlin from 27 to 31 August 2012. The web-site address of the Congress is http://www.congressus2012.de

Updated information about the preparations for the Congress will be provided in a Newsletter. Please contact us at http://www.congressus2012.de/en/newsletter.html if you would like to receive this Newsletter. This will also provide us with your most recent e-mail address. However, subscribing to the Newsletter does not constitute an application to attend the Congress.

We would be grateful if you would send this e-mail on to other interested individuals and institutions, especially to younger colleagues. We would also be grateful if you could pass the details to any colleagues without a personal e-mail address. We will of course send information by post to any who request this.

In the hope that very many of you accept out invitation, and with warm greetings on behalf of the local Organising Committee,

Werner Eck

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