H.B. Mattingly Conference, Athens May 21-23

The Greek Epigraphic Society and the BSA will host from 21st – 23rd May a conference in honour of Prof. H. B. Mattingly entitled Η ΤΩΝ ΑΘΗΝΑΙΩΝ ΑΡΧΗ. The Athenian Empire: old and new problems. The papers will include:

H. B. Mattingly, The Chalkis decree (IG I(3) 40).
A. L. Boegehold, Most Is Not All: Thucydides’ Use of Some Superlatives
J. K. Davies, Kimon, Kleon, and Kleophon: the logic of an inherited agenda
P. J. Rhodes, What Remains of Periclean Imperialism?
R. S. Stroud, Dating Greek Inscriptions by Letterforms: A Vice
Adele Scafuro, Penalty and punishment formulae in fifth century Attic decrees
C. V. Crowther, Justice for Phaselis: IG I(3) 10 (EM 6918) revisited
Akiko Moroo, Three Mysterious Inscriptions Concerning Erythrai
R. K. Pitt, The decree on Hestiaia IG I(3) 41
N. Papazarkadas, Reassessing IG I(3) 17: Athens, Sigeion, and the Politics of Approbation in the Ionian War
A. P. Matthaiou, New fragments and old problems
M. Piérart, The Missing List. Old and New Problems
B. Paarmann, The Historian and the Epigraphist. Considerations on ATL and IG I(3) 259-290
Nike Makres, The Hephaistia inscription (IG I(3) 82) revisited
Mariko Sakurai, The Date of IG I(3) 136 and the Cults of Bendis in Athens in the Fifth Century
Kevin Clinton, The Athenian Cleruchy on Lemnos (the paper will be read by L. Threatte)
G. Stainhauer, The Loukou Erechtheis Stele
D. Sourlas – N. Papazarkadas, A new fragment of the Argives Casualty List
A. P. Matthaiou – G. Kavvadias, A new fifth century Inscription from the North Slope of Akropolis

For further information see www.bsa.ac.uk

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