A new inscription from Gades’ theatre

Prof. Alicia Canto directed my attention to this inscription found during archaeological work in the roman theatre of Gades, which is commonly dated in the first Century B.C. (For information on the building’s remains and its situation in Cádiz, see this post).

The  graffito is cut in a block (ca. 80 x 15 cm) from the theatre’s subsellia, where it was set upside down so the letters remained out of sight. The editors believe this was due to the inscription insulting purpose: Latro, Balbe!

I find compelling both the graffito and the editors’ reading; the former because of its down-to-earth flavour, so common in Roman graffiti; and the latter because I  would rather read  BAE(BIVS) instead of  BAL(B)E.

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