Provincial identity conference, Seville, May 8-10, 2008

Announced via email from AIEGL:

Congreso: “La construcción de una identidad provincial. La experiencia hispana”

(Sevilla, 8 al 10 de mayo de 2008)

Speakers Include:

A. Caballos; P. LeRoux; F. Pini Polo; M. Navarro Caballero; S. Lefebvre; S. Marcos; F. J. Navarro Santana; R. Haensch; M. Gordón Peral; E. Melchor Gil; C. Chic García; A. Dardenay; A. A. Reyes Domínguez; M. Heinzmann; J. C. Saquete Chamizo; L. Brassous; F. Wulff Alonso; F. Beltrán Lloris.


Prof. Dr. A. Caballos Rufino, Catedrático de Historia Antigua, Universidad de Sevilla

Profª. Drª. S. Lefebvre, Professeur d’Histoire romaine, Université de Bourgogne

Unfortunately there seems to be no website associated with this conference (nor email addresses for the organisers) in the PDF programme that was circulated.

If anyone attends this conference (or any other event of interest to epigraphers) we should be very grateful for a short report posted here.

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