Call for contributions: workshops and conferences

Recently, we’ve posted announcements and programs for several interesting colloquia and lectures, including:

Only a small percentage of interested readers will be able to attend these meetings. We would be eager to receive and publish here short summaries of individual papers for the benefit of a wider audience. Contributions from the organizers of the meetings, from authors of individual papers and from attendees would be welcome.

In particular, we would be interested in knowing:

  • Summaries of conclusions
  • Full citations for published inscriptions discussed, presented or re-edited
  • For unpublished inscriptions: pertinent details such as: provenance, type (e.g., imperial constitution or sepulchral inscription), date(s), known individuals, unique or interesting features
  • Plans for future publication

All contributions should reiterate the full names and institutional affiliations of the papers’ authors, as well as the full title of the paper.

About Tom Elliott

Associate Director for Digital Programs and Senior Research Scholar, Institute for the Study of the Ancient World, New York University
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