Gortyn Code photos online

Troels Myrup has posted 3 color photos of portions of the Gortyn legal code.

Some print publications relevant to the inscription:

  • ICret 4.72 = M. Guarducci, Inscriptiones creticae, opera et consilio Friderici Halbherr collectae, 4 vols., Rome, 1935-1950 (OCLC: 3832343), vol. 4, no. 72.
  • M. Gargarin, multiple articles published in Greek, Roman and Byzantine Studies from 1982 onward; see the GRBS Index, sub Gagarin, Michael.
  • A.F. Verdieck, The Gortyn crisis and the creation of the Gortyn code, thesis, Colorado State University (Ft. Collins), 2004 (OCLC: 56931215)
  • R.F. Willetts, The law code of Gortyn, Berlin, 1967 (OCLC: 529234).


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