Zizza, Le iscrizioni nella Periegesi, reviewed

Reviewed in BMCR 2007.05.03:

Cesare Zizza, Le iscrizioni nella Periegesi di Pausania. Commento ai testi epigrafici. Pisa: Edizioni ETS, 2006. Pp. 518. ISBN 88-467-1598-5. €32.00.

Reviewed by Filippo Canali De Rossi, Liceo Classico Dante Alighieri, Rome (filippocanaliderossi@hotmail.com)
Word count: 1858 words

This book deals with inscriptions that are reported in Pausanias, rather than surviving on stone, so is slightly different from a typical epigraphic edition. It is a very interesting methodological and historiographical discussion, however.

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