Epigraphy in Arctos, vol. 40 (2006)

Items of epigraphical interest in the recent volume of Arctos (Acta philologica Fennica):
– Luca Maurizi: C. Salvius Liberalis Nonius Bassus. Un monumento equestre ad Urbs Salvia? (pp. 65–83)
– Fabrice Poli: Une inscription latine inédite d’Auch (pp. 85–90)
– Olli Salomies: Roman Names in Pisidian Antioch. Some Observations (pp. 91–107)
– Timo Sironen: Minora Latino-Sabellica II. Un trofeo in osco da Poggio Cinolfo (AQ) (pp. 109–130)
– Heikki Solin: Analecta epigraphica CCXXXI–CCXXXVI (pp. 131–165)

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